Executive Committee

The Lithography Workshop would like to thank its executive committee for all their volunteer work to organize and support the Workshop:

  • Vivik Singh, Intel, President of the Workshop,
  • Martha Sanchez, IBM, Vice President of the Workshop, (marthasa@us.ibm.com)
  • Tom Wallow, ASML, Treasurer of the Workshop, (tom.wallow@asml.com)
  • Larry Zurbrick, Secretary of the Workshop, Keysight, (larry_zurbrick@keysight.com)
  • Ken Harrison, Registration Chair, (ken.harrison1@verizon.net)
  • John Frankenthaller, Sponsor Chair, F and F Consultants, (fandf@att.net)
  • Kumara Sastry, Intel, (kumara.sastry@intel.com)
  • Patrick Naulleau, LBL, (pnaulleau@lbl.gov)
  • Mike Rieger, ML Rieger Consulting, (Michael.L.rieger@gmail.com)
  • Andy Hawryluk, Hawryluk Consultants, (amhawryluk54@gmail.com)
  • Lars Liebmann, TEL, (lars.liebmann@us.tel.com)
  • Bruno La Fontaine, ASML, (Bruno.la.fontaine@asml.com)
  • Donis Flagello, Nikon, (dflagello@nikonrca.com)
  • Mordy Rothschild, MIT LL, (rothschild@ll.mit.edu)
  • Geert Van den Berghe, IMEC, (Geert.Vandenberghe@imec.be)